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"A NO-RISK church fundraiser?" Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn't it? But that's JUST what Geoff has created with his revolutionary Fundraising Magic Program.


No matter what size your church, you can use Geoff and his show to easily and quickly raise the money you need and IT WON'T COST YOUR CHURCH A DIME!


At $20/ticket (Geoff's suggested ticket price but YOUR group gets to decide how much to charge), Geoff would receive the proceeds from the first 40 tickets sold (or $800) while your church gets EVERYTHING ELSE!


-- Sell 100 tickets and make $1200*

-- Sell 200 tickets and make $3200*

-- Sell 300 tickets and make $5200*

* These figures don't include CONCESSIONS (popcorn, soda pop, bottled water, candy, etc.) that you can sell to make even MORE money for your church!


Using Geoff's NO-RISK church fundraiser, you can only MAKE money.


Even if you've NEVER run a church fundraiser before, Geoff will give you EVERYTHING you need to be successful. THERE'S NO RISK when using Geoff's incredibly simple Fundraising Magic Program!



Your church can raise THOUSANDS of dollars by hosting a single 90-minute, professionally-crafted, award-winning, family-oriented comedy illusion show.


Geoff's NO-RISK Fundraising Magic Program has been used successfully by such groups as St. Michael's Church in Hudson, Our Savior Lutheran Church in Clearwater, Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, the Boy Scouts of America Troop 404 in St. Petersburg, the Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society and others.


The show is packed with amazing displays of skill, mind-boggling illusions and LOTS of audience participation.


Because of Geoff's Christian faith, his outrageous comedy is family-friendly and suitable for audiences of ALL ages and religious persuasions.


There are 3 MAIN things your church needs in order to successfully utilize Geoff's NO-RISK Fundraising Magic Program:


1. A suitable place to hold the show. It should be indoors with plenty of seating and a raised stage area (this should pose no problem as most church groups already have one or more areas like this). Geoff can supply the backdrop and sound system, if needed.


2. A motivated  ticket sales force (such as the members of your congregation). Geoff can help train them, too!


3. A sincere desire to raise money!


Geoff has written a comprehensive, step-by-step Fundraising Magic e-book (in pdf format) which he gives away FREE to churches who are interested in his Fundraising Magic Program.


It's filled with LOTS of creative and useful ideas, tips and strategies to help you raise the funds you desperately need by using Geoff's award-winning comedy magic show. Many of the ideas can be incorporated into your other fundraising events.


Geoff would like to send this e-book to you. Just drop him a line. There's no obligation whatsoever. The e-book is yours to keep.

Want to know more about Geoff's Fundraising Magic Program for Churches?
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