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Does your CHURCH need money for:
-- Outreach programs?
-- Operating expenses?
-- Office equipment repair, maintenance and replacement?
-- Building maintenance and construction?
-- Internal programs?
-- Vacation Bible School program, decorations and supplies?
-- Music ministry equipment?
-- Missions trips?

Is your SCHOOL BAND looking to raise funds for:
-- Instruments?
-- Uniforms?
-- Sheet music?
-- Travel, meal and lodging expenses?

Is your SCHOOL ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT looking to raise funds for:
-- Uniforms?
-- Sport pads, balls, goods and equipment
-- Weight room machines and equipment?
-- Gym & locker room repairs and refurbishments?
-- Travel, meal and lodging expenses?



If so, I have developed a fundraising system in which churches, schools and civic-minded organizations can use me and my show to raise money for a wide variety of causes. What sets my services apart from all others is that there is absolutely NO RISK involved in using me to benefit your organization. My show doesn't cost your group a DIME (really!)

The concept is quite simple: we team together to put on a high-quality evening of entertainment filled with mind-boggling magic, family-friendly comedy and LOTS of audience participation. And there are DOOR PRIZES given away, too!

People buy tickets in advance and at the door. The more tickets we sell, the more money YOU make. There are no hidden charges, fees, deposits or prepayments of ANY kind. This means there is NO RISK because there is NO MONEY paid "up front." NO RISK makes this the PERFECT fundraising program!

Most recent fundraising clients include:

-- Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, FL
-- The Christian Outreach Center in Largo, FL
-- Pinellas Park/Gateway Chamber of Commerce
-- Boy Scout Troop 404 in Clearwater, FL
-- American Cancer Society (Relay For Life) in Pinellas Park, FL
-- Bay Island Condominiums in Pasadena, FL
-- Captiva Cay (have done THREE annual shows) in St. Pete Beach, FL
-- Our Savior Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg, FL
-- St. Michael's Church in Hudson, FL

Why is there NO RISK involved? Because there is no money paid "up front." Every cent we earn is from ticket proceeds. The more tickets we sell, the more we make. There are no hidden charges, fees, deposits or prepayments of ANY kind. This means you cannot LOSE money, plain and simple.

At this point, you may be wondering, "So what's the catch?"

-- Your group would need to supply the VENUE (an indoor performance area, with a stage and lighting if possible, and a sufficient number of seats to accommodate the audience).

-- Your group would need to SELL TICKETS to family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, classmates, etc. The more tickets you sell, the more money you make:

Sell 200 tickets and make $1000
Sell 300 tickets and make $2000
Sell 400 tickets and make $3000
Sell popcorn, soda pop, water and candy before the show (and during intermission) and make even MORE!

-- Your group would need to SPREAD THE WORD by duplicating and posting advertising materials and mini-flyers everywhere you can. I can help create ORIGINALS of show posters, mini-flyers and email copy. I can also design a CUSTOM WEBSITE DEDICATED TO THE EVENT!

I'll supply the awesome, 90-minute comedy & magic show that's fit for audiences of ALL ages!

I can supply the sound system and backdrop, if necessary. I will even donate several magic-related DOOR PRIZES to be given out at the show!

This is a safe, proven, win-win situation for BOTH of us (and the audience gets to see a wonderfully fun, award-winning comedy magic show).

I have created an illustrated, step-by-step "Fundraising Magic" manual to give you ALL the tools you need to hold a successful fundraiser using my comedy and magic show.

CONTACT ME NOW to find out how simple and effective it is for your organization to make the money you need while offering a fun & entertaining show for the public.


Ask for my FREE "Fundraising Magic" ebook. It's filled with great ideas, tips and strategies to help maximize the $$$ you can bring in with your fundraising efforts. I'd be more than happy to send it to you if you'd like to browse through it. Drop me a line TODAY.

"Geoff, your show and ebook worked PERFECTLY as our fundraiser. Your suggestion for selling soda, water and popcorn were spot on. We got a large number of people selling tickets and got a lot of fliers out to spread the word. Your advertising to the newspapers and Bay News 9 gave us lots of exposure. We found people LOVE magic and comedy and your show was PERFECT! Please come back next year!"

-- Steve Iovino, Christian Outreach Center

Click on Father Rick's face (be gentle) to hear what he had to say about Geoff's fundraiser show.

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