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only $30 (postpaid in the US)


"Miracles For Mortals: Killer Magic For The Rest Of Us" contains some of my favorite routines from my first two lectures: "The Lecture Your Mother Never Gave You" and "The Lecture Your Father Never Gave You."


Simple, direct magic that's easy to do. Each DVD is nearly TWO HOURS IN LENGTH!



VOLUME ONE contains:


-- ELECTRICAL ARTLET: Boom box cord too short to reach the wall outlet? No problem; just draw an outlet on a pad of paper, plug in the cord and the music starts right up! Based on a Fantasio effect and used with his permission.


-- UPLOOPTED: A horizontal card levitation that looks UNBELIEVABLE!


-- THE "I HATE DAVID COPPERFIELD" TRICK: Based on "Close-Up Illusion" by Larry Jennings, a card VISIBLY MELTS through another. The visuals here go WAY BEYOND the original.


-- THE OMEGA BET: Based on the Karl Fulves effect, Bob Wagner has turned this into a KILLER piece of entertainment, a 5-phase whirlwind of fun for everyone in the room! A random spectator decides the final, and most impossible, bet of all. The routine uses my false overhand shuffle (which is quite easy but appears totally fair).


-- MORE ON "OIL & WATER": Sam Schwartz's wondrous 3-phase, 8-card O & W routine with NO SLEIGHTS! NONE! Thanks to Sam for allowing me to include this gem with minor handling changes.


-- MIRACLE COIN VANISH: This gets GASPS from spectators. Looks like real magic. (Note: a jacket or sportcoat is required)


-- JUST A BIT MORE ULTIMATE THAN JOHN MENDOZA'S "ULTIMATE TORN & RESTORED CARD": The name says it all. In an e-mail to me, Mr. Mendoza (a close-up DEITY) said he thinks more of this method (of his trick which appeared in "The Book of John") than any of the "piece-by-piece" restorations out there. You're clean at the first and clean at the end. As a bonus, it's SUPER EASY to do even though the card is SIGNED ON BOTH SIDES!



Volume One Bonus Effects:


-- INVISIBLE DECK FINESSE: Makes using an Invisible Deck more fun than ever (and the reset is DURING the routine).


-- FORKLIFT: Move silverware with your mind!


-- 4-WAY COINCIDENCE: A reworking of a stunning prediction routine by John Murray from "Card Cavalcade 3" by Jerry Mentzer (included with Jerry's permission). Use a borrowed, thoroughly-shuffled deck. There's only one real "move" (which is laughably simple).

Running Time: Approximately 1hr 50min







VOLUME TWO contains:

-- BACHELOR'S THREAD: Raj Madhok's marvelous method of magically producing the ring for a Ring & String routine. It just appears out of NOWHERE!


-- THREADY OR NOT: My "improved" handling for the first phase of any Ring & String routine. Originally based on the Earl Nelson move (in "Variations"), this one addresses two major discrepancies in the original.


-- READY 2 LINK: A technique that makes the get ready for the Linking Rubberbands TOTALLY INVISIBLE. Based on Roger Klause's brilliant concept of "half-moves".


-- SHUFFLING STYLES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: A modular card routine where a card is located after a series of shuffling demonstrations. Includes the marvelous "Sybil" flourish cut (thanks to Chris Kenner) which is taught with a 5-card packet for easier learning.


-- IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME?: How to produce a seemingly-lit cigarette from anywhere on your person AT ANY TIME in your act.


-- DEVASTATION: This might just be one of the BEST impromptu card tricks ON THE PLANET! Tom Daugherty's totally impossible card location that'll devastate your audience (hence the name). Note: there's NOT ONE SLEIGHT in the entire trick! Works with a borrowed deck. Worth the price of this DVD MANY TIMES over.


-- BEAR HANDS: A great packet trick for kids (or adults) where a bear jumps from a card onto a spectator's hand.


-- HAIRBALLS: A multi-phase, 2-ball sponge ball routine loaded with magic and designed to keep the spectator from opening their hand early (and spoiling the surprise finish).


-- THE HAT TRICK: The close-up version of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, suitable even for restaurant workers.


-- EVERYTHING'S A RADIO: A real reputation maker! Make a radio station broadcast come out of anything: a ketchup bottle, a crayon, a drawing... ANYTHING!


-- IF THINE EYE OFFENDS THEE: Your eyeball falls out. You wash it off in your mouth. You glue it back in. What could be more natural?



Volume Two Bonus Effect:


-- FLURIOUS, JR.: A "penny to jumbo coin" routine inspired by the Gary Kurtz original.

Running Time: Approximately 1hr 58min







Here's what some are saying about the Miracles For Mortals DVDs:

"Unfortunately these may be one of the more overlooked GREAT DVD sets out. Many might not know Geoff's name but I can assure you this is some of the best material to see DVD in recent years in my opinion. Kozmo Magic had TWO great must-have releases back to back... Geoff Williams and Slydini. "
-- TIM TRONO, Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.

"This DVD set, by far, is one of best things I've reviewed in a long, long time. I don't know how much you guys trust me, but I'm tempted to say, "Stop Reading This Review, and Go Order Both Volumes Right NOW!" This should, in my opinion be your next magic purchase. Miracles For Mortals: FREAKIN' GEM!"




"I have just purchased your two DVDs "Miracles for Mortals" and am urged to drop you a message to say how brilliant I think they are... I have been doing Close-up Illusion for many years and think your version just makes the orginal pale in comparison - thank you very much for that!!!"

"I had never before heard of Geoff Williams, but after reviewing his Miracles for Mortals Volume 1, I'm throughly pleased to have discovered his work. This DVD presents some excellent and varied close-up and stand-up effects along with solid advice. Williams reminds me somewhat of Jay Sankey with his quirky humor, technical skills and ability to take effects, improve on them and make them his own."
-- WAYNE KAWAMOTO, Your Guide to Magic and Illusion (rated 5 out of 5 stars)

"The talented Geoff Williams has adopted and adapted nine A-list effects by such diverse magical innovators as Fantasio, Karl Fulves, Larry Jennings, John Mendoza, John Murray, Sam Schwartz, and Bob Wagner. So why is Mr. Williams teaching them here? Because through real-world technical improvements and entertaining presentational upgrades, he has beaten every last ounce of "boring" out of them, resulting in a repertoire of powerful routines that are pretty much guaranteed to hook, hold and reward any audience."
-- DAVID ACER, as reviewed on

"First, let me say that the Miracles for Mortals DVD set is one of the best investments I have ever made in magic. It's very rare for me to find a single trick that appeals to me both in effect and method so it was a great thrill to see your DVDs and find so many effects that are original, fun, straightforward, and astounding; all the things I look for."










only $25 (download)




Filmed at Penguin Magic's studio on July 21, 2013

What will you learn?


Includes some nearly self-working items as well as some more demanding pieces.

From beginner to pro, there is something here for EVERYBODY.

  • A Torn & Restored card effect that is super-easy to do (even though the card is signed on BOTH SIDES)

  • A bare-handed card levitation

  • The 'I Hate David Copperfield' Trick

  • A Linking Rubber Bands effect where the "get ready" is TOTALLY INVISIBLE (even though the spectator is CLOSELY watching your hands)

  • The PROPER way to move silverware with your mind (yep, lots of folks do it wrong)

  • Memorizing cards made easy

  • A killer 3-coin production from seemingly-empty hands

  • A simplified multiple selection routine for people who have shyed away from learning one

  • A multitude of tips on how to make the Invisible Deck EASIER (and even MORE invisible)

  • A 5-phase "progressive betting" routine that uses other people's money and is pure theatre

  • Tips on crafting comedy (and why you SHOULD use comedy in your magic)

  • Variations and improvements on miracles by such luminaries as Ed Marlo, John Mendoza, Don England and others.

  • and lots more!

"You were the highlight of the entire convention. A HUGE hit!" - Danny Archer


"Geoff understands what magic is all about." - Rocco











only $20 (postpaid in the US)


22 POWERFUL BUT EASY-TO-DO TRICKS using common things you probably already have: cards, coins, rubber bands, paper clips and MORE!

Blackjack War
Magnetic Queens
Pushing Your Head Through a Card
Grab Cards from Thin Air
Rollover Bills
Tear-Away Coin Vanish
Bipolar George
Thieves and Sheep
Shrinking a Quarter
Insta-Link Paper Clips
Snap Tie a Knot
Jumping Rubber Band
Crayon Mindreading
Jumping Toothpick
Vanishing Rubber Band
Turning a Pencil into Rubber
Penetrating Corks
Ball Bag Bamboozler
Magnetic Pencil
Impossible Ping Pong Ball Catch
Shark Attack!
Out of an Empty Box












only $15 (postpaid in the US)




Filmed at Murphy's Magic studios in Rancho Cordova, CA on March 25, 2015


       00:01:19 Newspaper Clippings performance

       00:14:10 Newspaper Clippings explanation

       00:30:07 Rocky Shoes performance

       00:30:38 Rocky Shoes explanation

       00:42:41 Kewpie performance

       00:43:51 Kewpie explanation

       00:55:16 This One performance

       00:58:58 This One explanation

       01:06:07 Lost And Sniffed performance

       01:10:40 Lost And Sniffed explanation

       01:19:36 Scripting

       01:22:05 Stage Movement

       01:27:23 The Aronson Stack for Everybody (short discussion)
















only $20 (postpaid in the US)



Based on "Close-Up Illusion" by Larry Jennings, a card VISIBLY MELTS through another. The visuals here go WAY BEYOND the original. Only three cards are used. This is a feature effect in my set in the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.



Includes a set of three cards, prepped and ready to use.


(NOTE: This is a breakout of the SAME ROUTINE found on Miracles For Mortals Vol 1 above)






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