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only $20.00 (postage paid in the US)


Remember the old optical illusion in which the tips of your forefingers are held together and, by focusing your gaze to a distant point, a little two-ended "sausage finger" appears in between?


While explaining the premise to your audience, the sausage finger can actually be seen FLOATING IN SPACE BETWEEN THE TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS!


Just as quickly as it appears, it vanishes completely!

--- "This is fantastic!"  Jeff McBride











Rubreak's Cube


only $45.00 (postage paid in the US)

or 2 for $80.00 (postage paid in the US)


You produce a standard Rubik's Speed Cube and proceed to twist the sides normally. When your spectator tries to mix the cube, it disintegrates into pieces! One of the funniest visuals in my show. I have two people "race" to mix the cubes and BOTH crumble into pieces. It's hilarious!

Each comes in a special custom holder that keeps the cube secure till you produce it. Includes complete printed instructions on how to handle the cube and how to easily reset it. Easy to do. No actual skill is required.

(Note: you do NOT need to know how to solve a Rubik's Cube!)






KEWPIE (Quarter in Pen)


only $20.00 (postage paid in the US)


By tapping your closed fist with a pen, you make a quarter VANISH COMPLETELY! You then reproduce it from INSIDE THE PEN'S CAP! Everything is examinable BEFORE and AFTER.

Both pen and quarter are UNGIMMICKED! Fun to perform ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Pure sleight of hand at its finest.

Includes EVERYTHING you need:
-- Highlighter pen
-- U.S. quarter
-- computer CD with loads of performance videos
-- easy-to-follow, printed instructions













only $20.00 (postage paid in the US)


A great packet trick for kids (or adults) where a bear jumps from a card onto a spectator’s hand. The perfect giveaway routine NOW with the perfect stickers for this effect. Includes the necessary poker-size cards and 48 stickers (additional pages available at $3.00 per sheet of 16 stickers each). Complete instructions. Specify red or blue Bicycle back design (if not specified, I will decide for you).















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