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"This is where we trade YOUR money for MY stuff."
-- Geoff Williams
entrepreneurial genius

I take:

-- cash

-- Venmo (my Venmo account is


-- US-issued credit cards

-- PayPal (my PayPal account is

Sorry, there is no "shopping cart" set up on this site.


You have to go to PayPal or Venmo to use them or send an email to me at to arrange to use a credit card.


$10 minimum order on shipped products.


Add 5% of the TOTAL order if using a credit card or PayPal (unless you use the "Send to Friends & Family" option in PayPal).


If you care to use PayPal and want me do the heavy lifting, just send me an email telling me 1) what you'd like to purchase and 2) your PayPal address. I will send an "invoice" to you via email that simplifies things.

Otherwise, just go to and send money to my PayPal account ( For tangible products, PLEASE send an email to me with your mailing address (PayPal isn't sharing your address with me automatically).


NOTE: If you’re ordering a PDF sent via email, I may not be at my computer when your order comes through so please be patient and I’ll send you the file as soon as possible. Thanks.


Any questions, comments or whatever, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Click on the CONTACT tab and type your little heart out.









Geoff Williams

7600 Sun Island Dr S, Unit 804

South Pasadena, FL 33707-4473



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